About Us

Established in 1985, the Chi R.O.C.K Nation has a long-standing history built on the fundamentals of Hip Hop, education and fun.  Additionally, you have access to a wide range of exclusive Member Benefits including a subscription to Chicago ROCKs, access to Chi ROCK Nation facilities opportunity to participate in the business of hip hop, fun filled events and much more! The benefits of being a member of Chi-ROCK Nation one of the oldest & largest Hip Hop organization on the planet are endless.

The BASF Graffiti crew  (Badiest artists still free styling)  was  On the train coming from a party  on the North-side, a venue called Steps where DJ Pele was throwing  party’s  this  was a breeding ground for creative kids to network , share artwork in piece books, emcee and break dance There was a run in with Kool Rock Steady (RIP) who declared to be the King of Chicago Zulu and made it a point that if we were Zulu we should bow down  The concept of Chi ROCK  is a Nation of Kings. Primarily because we wanted independence from Zulu Nation and we felt that everyone was a king/queen in their own right.  It was in this context were the remnant of three crews forged a brotherhood that became Chi-Rock Nation. (1985) -9 Tray- Chilly T, Faheem, Pacman, Sub Rock, Todd Nitty, Danny -TWR/BASF/ICR- JVC, Scope, Ice Man, Stereo, Suspense, Ace-One, Rashad, Double A, K Smoove, Cheese, Shadow, Speedy and the late great Rhyme Minister Brother Ice Cee. -Paradise Breakers- (Harvey-Phoenix) Spike 153, Boy Tronix, Kurse, Chaos and later Boogie Chill.  The first time we all came together as a Nation was on a bus ride to Evergreen plaza for our first official meeting.  It was there we came up with the name Chi Rock Nation the name was created by chilly T we all agreed and We dropped the index finger and used the hand sign identical to the Hawaiian “hang loose” sign. Over time we have developed concepts like Respect Our Creative Kids and we pledged our allegiance to Chicago Hip Hop. We then change it to respect our creative kind because we were not kids anymore and now we go back in forth between both name depending on who you talk to or the event of the day you will get kids or kind but both rep the Nation as a hole.  we recruited what we considered the best talent in the city the first B-boys crew recruits were a crew called Awesome with Chinaman then came others like the legendary writers Dr. Gory Fere. and Artistic And we’ll known emcee recruited like DA Smart. Snake Roc, Ang 13. and the list goes on by 1993 we had grown to the point that we created chapters for internal use with no hire arks to manage communication and to continue networking.  Now in 2017 we approach our 35 anniversary and Chi Rock Nation is a well-respected Hip Hop conglomerate that has withheld the test of time with a membership that grows larger every day.

For a more in-depth Chi ROCK Nation Hip hop history reed a tale of three storms By Speedy D (The Genesis of Chi-Rock Nation).